North Korea has detained US soldiers

A US soldier who crossed the border into North Korea has been detained. This incident happened on Tuesday. This has been confirmed by US and UN officials.
Analysts believe that this incident of US military detention may create a new crisis between the US and North Korea.
North Korea has detained US soldiers
North Korea has detained US soldiers
The United Nations Command is in charge of maintaining the civilian areas bordering North and South Korea. The U.S. troops entered the North Korean side of the border without authorization during an inspection on Tuesday morning, they said.
The UN Command said the troops are likely in North Korea’s custody. However, they did not provide any further information in this regard.
Citing the South Korean army, a newspaper of the country said that the identity of the soldier was found. The American soldier named Travis King is a soldier of the rank of ‘Private Second Class’. However, the name was later deleted by the newspaper.
US officials later confirmed to CBC News that the soldier was Travis King, the BBC reported. A third source told the CBC that the soldier crossed the border “willingly”. His intentions are not clear.
According to a 2021 report by Reuters, the US has 28,000 troops in South Korea. South Korea has the third highest number of US troops stationed after Germany and Japan.

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