Opportunity to go to Japan for IT training

The Bangladesh-Japan ICT Engineers Training Program (B-JET) provides an opportunity to go to Japan after completing information technology training. The program is being conducted under the supervision of Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC). 374 persons have already been trained under this scheme. 225 of them are currently working in Japan. 13th batch classes will start next October. Application for this batch has already started. Last date for online application is 29th July.
Opportunity to go to Japan for IT training
Opportunity to go to Japan for IT training
About the program
Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) and Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) jointly launched the B-Jet program in 2017. The program is being conducted under the ‘Skill Development Project of IT Engineers Tailored to the Japanese IT Sector’. JICA has funded up to the eighth batch of the programme. Currently funded by Miyazaki University, Japan. This program is implemented by North South University and Miyazaki University.
Eligibility of Application
As per B-Jet program admission notification, freshers with graduation in Computer Science and Engineering, IT or ICT can apply. Two or more years of work experience in programming, software development, artificial intelligence and machine learning will be preferred. Must have a strong interest in learning Japanese.
To take online classes, you must have an internet connection with a computer or laptop. After training, you must have the mentality to work in Japan.
B-Jet Program Operations Manager Ujjal Kumar Saha told Prothom Alo that the ICT subjects in the application notice are Computer Science, Computer Science and Software Engineering, Information Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Software Engineering, Software Application, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. ,Computer Information System, Computer Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology, Computer Science and Telecommunication Engineering and Computing and Information Systems subjects are understood.
How to apply
Application for admission to 13th batch has already started. Applications can be made till July 29. Apply online through this link. CV must be submitted at the time of application. Details can be found on the Facebook page of the B-Jet program. About 35 students will be admitted in the 13th batch.
Admission Process
According to the B-Jet programme, shortlisting is done after receiving applications from students. Then called for written test. The exam asks questions on the basics of IT. Candidates are selected for training after passing written and viva. Students are admitted twice a year. There will be 13 weeks of classes. Online classes on Mondays and Fridays. Sashree’s classes will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Classes are held from 8am to 4pm, each class lasting 45 minutes.
B-Jet Program Operations Manager Ujjal Kumar Saha said, ‘Those who successfully complete the training have the opportunity to take jobs in Japan. Various IT companies in Japan conduct job vivas for our candidates.
If they pass the viva, they get a chance to go to Japan at the expense of the company. Apart from this, all the trained students will be given certificates from Japan’s Miyazaki University. It helps them get jobs.”
Ujjal Kumar Saha added that the three-month training taught the candidates Japanese language, enhanced their IT skills and practiced Japanese customs and culture to make them more attractive to Japanese organizations.

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