Best Cheap Car Insurance In Ohio USA

Insurance Companies in Ohio Offer Discounts to Safe Drivers
Hastings Mutual and Allied had the most budget-friendly policies for safe drivers in Ohio, according to our research.
Best Cheap Car Insurance In Ohio USA
Best Cheap Car Insurance In Ohio USA
Lowest-priced Ohio businesses    Cost of vehicle insurance in Ohio, on average, per year for safe drivers
$512 from Hastings Mutual.
Allied    $588
The average cost of car insurance in Ohio is $1,133, according to data compiled by Buckeye Insurance Group ($745) and USAA ($789).
In Ohio, drivers who have been cited for speeding might get insurance discounts.
Your insurance rates in Ohio might go up by as much as 20% if you get a traffic ticket. Premium hikes are expected to differ slightly from one insurance provider to the next. You may still be able to get an affordable auto insurance coverage even if premiums increase.
The auto insurance rates offered by Hastings Mutual and Allied are often cheaper than the statewide average, making them attractive choices for drivers with violations in the state of Ohio.
Lowest-priced Ohio businesses    Cost of a year’s worth of auto insurance in Ohio if you’ve gotten a speeding ticket
$632 from Hastings Mutual and $722 from Allied.
Insuring You For $789: Buckeye Insurance Group USAA* $789
Average of $1,364 per State *Only active duty military personnel, veterans, and their families are eligible to get vehicle insurance through USAA.
Ohio drivers who cause accidents involving bodily harm may be eligible for discounts on their car insurance premiums.
If you have an auto accident in which another person is hurt, it will be harder in the future to acquire cheap insurance. Our data demonstrates that unsafe drivers in Ohio pay 49% more than their safe driving counterparts.
Among the businesses we looked at, Hastings Mutual and Allied may have the most affordable rates for bodily injury liability insurance.
Lowest-priced Ohio businesses    Cost of auto insurance in Ohio for a year for someone who causes an accident with injuries.
Allied $880, Hastings Mutual $846
Insurance from Buckeye: $937
An average of $1,683 across Michigan vs $1,054 in Frankenmuth Mutual
In Ohio, even those with a DUI may get affordable car insurance.
If you are caught drinking and driving in Ohio, your insurance premiums will increase by an average of 103 percent. You may still save money on auto insurance by shopping around and comparing quotes from different companies.
We found that Allied and USAA have the most affordable policies for drunk driving in Ohio.
Lowest-priced Ohio businesses    The typical cost of auto insurance in Ohio after a DUI conviction is $1,063, according to Allied and $1,204, according to USAA*.
Progressive    *USAA vehicle insurance is offered exclusively to members of the military, veterans, and their families, and the annual premiums are $1,210 for Frankenmuth Mutual and $1,574 for the state average, for a total of $2,300.
Protection for Ohioans Low-Interest Rates for Drivers with Bad Credit
Ohio drivers with low credit scores may be charged higher rates for car insurance. Insurance rates for drivers in Ohio with poor credit scores rise by an average of 83%.
If you live in Ohio and are shopping for affordable vehicle insurance but have a poor credit score, Allied and USAA may be suitable options.
Lowest-priced Ohio businesses    Cost of a year’s worth of bad-credit auto insurance in Ohio
Allied $600 Hastings Mutual $794    $840
Geico    $1,164 throughout the country $1,282 on average across states $2,075
Cost-Effective Coverage for Your Teen Driver in Ohio
Adding a teenage driver to a family’s vehicle insurance policy in Ohio may increase premiums by as much as 91 percent compared to what an adult couple pays.
Find low-cost auto insurance in Ohio for teenagers by comparing quotes from Esurance and Atlantic States.
Lowest-priced Ohio businesses    Cost of automobile insurance for two adults in Ohio, on average, per year    The typical cost of vehicle insurance in Ohio for a family with a 16-year-old    Increase in car insurance premiums, on average, when a minor driver turns 16
Esurance    $3,946 $4,147 5%
Costs in the Atlantic Region $2,123 $2,273 (7%) Costs in the Rest of the Country $1,635 $2,536    55%
Buckeye    $988 $1,550    57%
Statistical Mean    $2,015 $3,854 91%
Affordable Car Insurance in Ohio for Teens and Young Adults
Purchasing your own auto insurance is a major adult responsibility that comes with a hefty price tag. Based on our research, Grange Mutual and Geico provide the most competitively priced Ohio teen auto insurance policies.
Lowest-priced Ohio businesses    Cost of auto insurance in Ohio for a young driver, on average, per year.
Geico $945 Grange Mutual $936
The average cost of vehicle insurance in California is $1,050 per year, which is much lower than the national average of $1,156 offered by Hastings Mutual and $1,164 by USAA.
Ohio Senior Drivers Age 60-80 Can Find Affordable Car Insurance Rates
Ohio seniors may choose between Grange Mutual and Geico for affordable, dependable insurance. Senior drivers who complete a defensive driving course may be eligible for savings.
Lowest-priced Ohio businesses    The typical cost of auto insurance in Ohio for drivers aged 60, 70, and 80
Grange $476.00 Mutual Grange
Geico $567
Mutual of Hastings $655
$740 Buckeye
Common in this State: $610
Ohio Residents 65 and Older Can Save on Auto Insurance
Take a defensive driving course recognized by the Ohio Department of Public Safety and you may qualify for a reduction on your auto insurance premiums. The initial discount term of three years might be extended by an additional two years.
The least costly cars to insure in the state of Ohio
Based on average pricing for 50 best-selling models, drivers in Ohio might save money on vehicle insurance by choosing the Jeep Wrangler JL Sport, Honda CR-V LX, or Subaru Crosstrek. Below is a ranking of the 20 vehicles with the lowest average annual insurance premiums.
The Lexus ES 300H ($1,749) and the Tesla Model S Performance ($2,807) are two of the most costly cars to insure in Ohio.
Vehicle    Ohio State’s Typical Insurance Premium
JL Sport Model Jeep for $1,048
$1,061 for a Honda CR-V LX.
$1,095 for a new Subaru Crosstrek
For $1,099, you can get yourself a 2016 Subaru Forester 2.5i.
S model Ford Escape – $1,105
$1,106.00 Hyundai Tucson SE
$1,111.00 Chevrolet Equinox L.
$1,115 Latitude-level Jeep Compass
$1,119.00 Volkswagen Tiguan SE
Honda Pilot SE, $1,131 Ford F-150 XL, $1,125
The Kia Sportage EX is $1,153 while the Chevrolet Trax LS is $1,138.
$1,159 for a Chevy Traverse LS
Tacoma SR Toyota: $1,159
2011 LE Toyota RAV4: $1,165
$1,168 for a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan SE
The Colorado Chevrolet $1,168
$1,169.00 Ford Edge SE
$1,192 for a 2018 Subaru Outback 2.4i Limited XT
Auto Insurance in Ohio: What You Need to Know
Drivers in the state of Ohio must have liability insurance to pay for any damages they cause to another person’s person or property. If you are sued due to an auto accident, this coverage may assist pay for your legal fees. You may make a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company or sue them in court if they cause an accident.
The state of Ohio mandates the following minimums for liability coverage for motor vehicles:
Damages to one individual amount to $25,000
If numerous persons are hurt in the event, this increases to $50,000.
Each accident is limited to a maximum of $25,000.
In this case, the proportions are as follows: 25% 50% 25%.
It’s a good idea to have extra car insurance coverage than is required by Ohio law. This is why Your financial responsibility may increase if you cause an accident that results in severe injuries or considerable property damage and your insurance does not cover the whole cost. If you’re sued, your liability insurance payout should equal either your net worth or your utmost possible financial loss.
What kind of supplemental insurance coverage do I need in Ohio?
Protections for those who drive without insurance. If you are injured by a driver who does not have liability insurance, your medical expenses will be covered under uninsured motorist coverage (UM). If you are injured in an accident with a driver who does not have enough liability insurance, underinsured motorist coverage (UIM) will kick in to help pay for your medical expenses.
Paying for medical treatment out of pocket. You and your passengers will be covered for medical expenses in the event of an auto accident, regardless of who was at fault. However, the amounts of money involved are usually around $1,000 at most.
You might say that I have full coverage plus collision. Perils such as theft, impact, hail, floods, fire, riots, vandalism, falling items, and contact with wildlife (including birds and deer) are all covered.
When a car is financed or leased, the lender or lessor will often require the borrower or lessee to have collision and comprehensive coverage.
Having vehicle insurance is mandatory in the state of Ohio.
Ohio’s minimum liability insurance coverage requirements
Body Injury Liability Insurance: $25,000
Maximum bodily injury coverage of $50,000 per incident
$25,000 for physical harm to property
Protection against drivers who are either not insured or have insufficient coverage
Not necessary
Costs for Health Care
Not necessary
Accident protection
Not necessary
All bases are covered
Not necessary
Do you think it’s okay to provide a digital insurance card?
In Ohio, policyholders may now access insurance paperwork digitally by smartphone. You won’t have to rummage about in the dark if you’re ever asked for identification. There are a lot of vehicle insurance companies that provide applications where you may check your insurance information.
The cost of car insurance in Ohio might be affected by the aforementioned variables.
Insurance companies in Ohio may take these into account in addition to your driving record, claims history, and the brand and model of your car when determining your premium.
Does Ohio Permit Factors?
Occupation and Academia
Family structure
Code de postal rgion
APCIA is the source for this information. Your driving record and the level of coverage you choose are only two of the many variables that will go into determining your premium.
The percentage of Ohio drivers who do not have auto insurance.
Nearly one in seven drivers in Ohio are uninsured, according data from the Insurance Research Council. This is why safety nets like medical payments, uninsured/underinsured motorist protection, and collision insurance are essential in the event of an accident.
Ohio Drivers Should Know the Risks of Going Without Insurance
In the state of Ohio, drivers may lose their license for up to 90 days (and up to a year for repeat offenders) if they are discovered operating a car without insurance. Towing and storage fees, as well as possible legal expenses, may be assessed if your car is seized.
When may a car be considered a total loss in Ohio?
If the damage to your vehicle is so severe that it would be impracticable (or “economically impractical”) to restore it, your Ohio auto insurance company may declare it a complete loss.
How to Fix Common Ohio Insurance Issues
The Ohio Department of Insurance oversees the insurance industry in the state and responds to policyholder concerns. You may register a complaint with your auto insurer if you’re having trouble getting your issues fixed.
To determine which Ohio insurance provider had the most competitive rates, we analyzed the quotes supplied by Quadrant Information Services. Calculating the national average for a 40-year-old woman with a spotless driving record, we find that insuring a brand-new Toyota RAV4 with the legally mandated minimums of liability insurance (known as 100/300/100) for bodily injury liability, collision damage, and property damage costs about $1,500 annually. Insurance against all hazards, with a deductible of $500, is included in the monthly premium as well.
Some of the insurance companies whose rates were averaged in to the statewide mean include: Allstate, American Family, Atlantic States Insurance, Auto-Owners, Buckeye Insurance Group, Celina Insurance Group, Central Mutual, Cincinnati Insurance, Erie, Farmers, Frankenmuth Mutual, Geico, General Casualty, Grange Mutual, Hastings Mutual, Motorists Mutual, Nationwide, Ohio Mutual, Progressive, State Auto, State Farm, Travellers, USAA, Western Reserve, and Westfield.

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